It’s time to reimagine the spaces we live in.

Social distancing etiquette has shaped the spaces we live and work in. But, regardless of all the transformations, we firmly believe that coming back to the office, school or restaurant has to remain a pleasant experience. Nobody will feel that way in an empty, almost sterile place full of plexiglass, warnings and imposed separations. We need to create a soft and warm environment where everybody stays safe yet connected and gets that much-needed distance without feeling isolated.

To facilitate your return to normal, we are happy to introduce Soft Distancing. With Soft Distancing, we offer you an alternative approach to reconfiguring social environments, proving that distancing can be both safe and pleasant.

The AK series will bring Soft Distancing to your office, school and restaurant. With their distinctive gentle look, soft texture and a variety of options, the AK dividers will benefit your interior in many ways. Not only will it help you implement the current distancing rules, but also remain relevant and serve users for years to come.