airplane trolley

„I hate to waste“ or the „creative reuse“: brand new product range „UPCYCLED:" by neo design studios

For the love of sustainability and by the hands of Rodrigo Vairinhos was born a brand new product range named „UPCYCLED:“ whose process and main aim is to dedicate some of his creative work towards the reuse and transformation of unwanted, old or second hand products and waste materials, converting them into beautiful high quality new products with environmental and artistic value, stepping towards a more regenerative design culture.
While upcycling we prevent to waste potentially useful materials by making use of existing ones, reducing the use of new raw materials, reducing energy consumption, avoiding air and water pollution and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions.

Upcycling contributes to a more sustainable future, is fresh and adaptable to an ever changing world panorama.

neo’s „UPCYCLED:“ product range is still in its infancy and limited to redeemed half-size and full-size airline trolleys only.
The outcome is a raw and unpolished design object suitable for the office, living, indoor or outdoor. Each piece is unique and has a different story to tell.

More designs are still in the making so please follow us on our socials for new product updates.

*Made to order*

Half-Size and Full-Size airplane trolleys ATLAS-Norm, used, restored, upcycled and revived.
Veterans with countless air miles on top with first class upgrade in matt lacquered cork leather.
Functional unique eye catchers.

Material: aluminum, cork leather

Door: lockable, opens 270 ° to the left

Interior: 4 original drawers

Castors: Original smooth-running double swivel castors

Half size

Length: 40.5 CM
Width: 30.5 CM
Height: 103 CM
Weight: 15 KG

Full size

Length: 80.5 CM
Width: 30 CM
Height: 103 CM
Weight: 22.5 KG