Cruise is born, the new collection created by the architect, Massimo Iosa Ghini for the GSG Ceramic Design.

Cruise is a synonym of an idea that unites, and meets with a contamination of worlds that appear to be very different and distant; a journey that leads us through various styles and ambient, underlining the transversality of the ability to use this collection. This product integrates with different contexts, from the more sophisticated and classic scenes to those which are contemporary and trendy.

The decisive lines, even though soft, give character to the form which results in a warm acceptance and reassurance.

A collection that is complete and characterized by a wide range of dimensional solutions, declined in possibilities of wall hung or floor standing (W.C and bidet) are able to furnish with a wide gamma of or countertop washbasins.

A product of absolute quality, where the performance is on show, more than the design and the choice of the best raw materials, also being aware of our environmental footprints of which the company is very conscious and responsible: 100% of the discarded material is reintroduced into the production cycle, every W.C has an intelligent discharge system called “Smart Clean”, that guarantees a saving of portable water of 60% and even a better cleaning system. All the packaging is from recycled material.