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Supports available in various materials and characterized by a glossy, matt, or luminous surface.
Maximum panels size: 150x300cm. Each graphic is completely customizable, following the specific characteristics of the project.

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The sea covers much of the Earth's surface, outlining the continents and continually shaping its profile. As deep as it is limpid, the sea has been the object of many legends set up to solve the mysteries surrounding it. Lost cities, sea monsters and mythological creatures are some of the protagonists of navigators' tales throughout the centuries. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, we know a little more about what lies in the depths of the oceans, but the changing shapes and colours of the sea never cease to amaze us. Seven Seas is a new collection of decorative panels inspired by the sea and the ways it looks at different latitudes. Whether it's crystal blue in paradise locations or stormy along the coasts of the North, the new decorative panels explore all personalities of the ocean. Nazaré, Svalbard, Waikiki, Ushuaia, Durness and Mahè are the new designs in this new Tecnografica collection. The interplay of transparencies and the patterns of the new designs are particularly enhanced by the Dècora Glass finish, our laminated glass decorative panel. Thanks to their large dimensions (up to 1480x3000 mm) and reduced thickness (8.7 mm), Dècora Glass panels are suitable for covering large surfaces and realizations of large projects in the naval and Horeca sectors, as well as at a residential and commercial level. The resistance of the glass also allows the use of these panels as counter tops or support surfaces on tables and furniture. And for environments that require an even more scenographic impact, Dècora Glass has a double function: starting as a classic decorative panel installed on the wall, it can also become a backlit panel.