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Centre Stage for light

Light + Building


It is also often nice if details stay invisible. Fully in accordance with the Bauhaus maxim – now a hundred years old.


Light + Building


LUMINALE 2018 will feature international lighting art, mark an attitude to aspects of urban design, and show the biggest popcorn machine in the world.

Get smart: Light + Building 2018

Light + Building


Life and work in urban centres will face growing challenges in the future. Digitally networked building technology offers solutions while raising the bar for comfortability.

Light+Building: Human Centric Lighting

Light + Building


Light solutions, which as per wavelength design diminish threshold-fears, trigger curiosity, extend retention time and generate enthusiasm, are Top Theme at Light + Building in Frankfurt from 18th to 23rd of March.

Tomorrowland: Light + Building 2018

Light + Building


Trend Bureau bora.herke.palmisano realizes four fascinating scenarios in the Trend Forum. Inspiration for retailers, designers and architects alike.

Light + Building 2016: Smart homes become a reality

Light + Building


There are few words that have impacted on the language of technology so massively over the past two decades as the notion of 'smart'. The things it covers begin with the 'smart phone' and end up with the 'smart watch' and the 'smart grid'. Everyone

Light + Building 2016: Innovations in lighting

Light + Building


Light + Building is the platform when it comes to innovations around lighting and building automation. The exhibition period from 13 to 18 March 2016 is firmly rooted in the calendars of the visitors to see innovations and trends. With many new

Light + Building 2016: Touched by light

Light + Building


Light + Building is the world’s biggest platform for lighting and building-services technology with around 2,500 exhibitors. From 13 to 18 March, around 1,650 manufacturers from the lighting sector will present their products at the fair. The

Light + Building 2016: digital - individual - networked

Light + Building


“Where modern spaces come to life: digital - individual – networked” is Light + Building’s motto for 2016. The combination of both lighting and building services technology makes this the leading international trade fair in its field - with a

Light + Building articles

The future looks bright: Light + Building 2020

Julia Hauch


‘Fascinating’ – this is one of the top themes at LIGHT + BUILDING 2020 in Frankfurt and focuses on the full spectrum of both current and future light and luminaire designs for every application.

Centre Stage for light

Light + Building


It is also often nice if details stay invisible. Fully in accordance with the Bauhaus maxim – now a hundred years old.

In the best light: Light + Building 2020

Gerrit Terstiege


Every two years, LIGHT + BUILDING puts a spotlight on current lighting trends as well as the latest developments in the field of intelligent building technology. Taking place in Frankfurt from 8 to 13 March, it is, in short, a must for architects and

Use protection: Light + Building 2018

Katharina Sommer


This year's edition of the LIGHT + BUILDING Fair takes into account the increasing need for security in both the residential and contract sectors and focuses on the latest developments in smart security technology.

Lightness of Touch: Light + Building Frankfurt 2018

Katharina Sommer


Feel the future. The latest edition of the world's leading trade fair for lighting and building-services technology is all about innovation.

Light + Building 2016: perfectly joined-up

Ulrich Büttner


The eighth edition of Light + Building, from 13 to 18 March 2016, invites visitors to experience the worlds of lighting, design and networked building-services technology. The top-level themes are lighting-design trends, human-centric lighting, smart