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Durga Gokina, CTO and Head of R&D, and Chetan Venkatesh, Co-Founder and CEO of Macrometa

Bringing Innovation to the Edge

Multi-region or multicloud computing, where applications run across more than one region or data center, might seem like a novelty today, but the team at Macrometa believes it will become the de facto way to develop and run applications in the coming years. This ability to build apps that span multiple regions, including mixing different cloud providers (multicloud) with edge computing, is viewed by many as the future of the cloud. 

Macrometa is an emerging leader in edge and multicloud computing platforms. It gives developers superpowers to develop globally distributed apps quickly and at a fraction of cost compared to building on the cloud titans like AWS or Google Cloud. And it’s all done without asking developers to either abandon their current knowledge or favorite languages or learn the complexities of new tools and frameworks (the dreaded actor patterns and frameworks like Akka come to mind) to build across multiple regions.

Macrometa offers a globally distributed serverless data platform. Developers use the Macrometa platform to build apps and APIs without worrying about the technical limitations of individual cloud providers and architectures as Macrometa provides a complete end-to-end platform as a service for building, orchestrating, and executing apps and data across the globe. Developers can now spend more time creating and less time coding the hard and boring parts of making apps and data replicate and work consistently across multiple regions, clouds, and cloud and edge. 

Since starting the company in 2017 with co-founder and CEO Chetan Venkatesh, Macrometa’s CTO and Head of R&D, Durga Gokina, believes the future of app development is serverless, distributed, and global.

Macrometa screen grab

“Today, distributed application developers spend a majority of their time writing all this glue code that is needed to connect the app with its data or state,” said Durga. “These are hard problems. For instance, how is the developer to implement multi-region replication for their database consistency and high performance? How is the developer to integrate pub/sub and stream processing with their NoSQL or relational database? Today large teams of specialist developers must spend weeks and months painfully crafting all the different infrastructures and then writing all the glue code between them before even writing the first line of code that is useful to their business.”

Macrometa flips this around and allows developers to spend 90% of their time working on business logic by providing an all-in-one solution that combines a NoSQL database (key/value, document DB, GraphDB), pub/sub, stream processing, search with many sophisticated features through a simple and developer-friendly serverless API. 

Durga and Chetan’s partnership began a decade ago when Durga worked for Chetan’s company, Atlantis Computing, as a chief architect focusing on converged storage. That partnership resulted in early discussions on what was then a new and emerging technology: How to develop distributed apps that run not on one cloud provider or region but can span across many cloud and edge providers at the same time? 

Developer-Focused Cloud Infrastructure 

Developers worldwide now turn to Macrometa for a simplified way to deliver apps and APIs to their customers, and Linode provides the infrastructure making it possible. For Macrometa, working with an alternative cloud provider like Linode is paying off: A growing partnership between the two companies results from Linode’s simple interface, price-to-performance ratio, documentation, and easy-to-understand billing. Macrometa now runs in all 11 of Linode’s global data centers, consuming different compute instance types and disks, supporting the company’s R&D efforts, CI/CD pipelines, and platform as a service.

As part of Linode’s Startup Program, the Macrometa team has received the needed support to build the foundation and infrastructure to launch their company into the marketplace.

Justin Johnson, who joined the company in 2020 as Marketing, Experience, and Relations Director, noted that the Linode team has been “hands-on and fantastic to work with, and really gave us a lot of support to help us get started,” via the Linode Startup Program.

Through the partnership with Linode, the Macrometa team works to dispel the idea that globally distributed applications need a large development team with a large infrastructure operations team supporting it.

“Macrometa is all about solving the biggest problems that full-stack developers face,” said Justin. “We want to be the default way, the on-ramp to distributed application development for developers around the world.” 

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