Plan Types - Premium Compute Instances

Linux virtual machines equipped with a tailored set of resources designed to run any cloud-based workload.

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Premium Compute Instances are virtual machines that come equipped with the latest AMD Epyc™ CPUs, ensuring your applications are running on the latest hardware with consistent high-peformance. Premium instances build off of our Dedicated CPU instances, offering similar plan resources but with a guaranteed minimum hardware model.

Premium plans are ideal for enterprise-grade, business-critical, and latency-sensitive applications, including any workload that benefits from consistent performance with the latest hardware.

Premium instances are not currently available in all regions. Review the Availability section to learn which data centers can be used to deploy Premium instances.

Latest Hardware

The key differentiator for Premium instances is its guaranteed minimum hardware class, which ensures your workloads run on the latest AMD Epyc™ CPUs. To learn more about AMD CPUs on the Linode platform, review the AMD page. This outlines CPU models, benefits of AMD processors, and the CPU models that are available across our fleet.

Dedicated Competition-Free Resources

CPU cores on a Premium instance are accessible only to that instance (not other instances on the same hardware). Because the vCPU cores are not shared, no other Compute Instances can utilize them. Your instance never has to wait for another process, enabling your software to run at peak speed and efficiency. This allows you to run workloads that require full-duty work (100% CPU all day, every day) at peak performance.

Premium Compute Instances are suitable for workloads that benefit a balanced set of resources and consistent performance. This includes:


Premium Compute Instances are currently available in select data centers.

Data centerStatus
Atlanta (Georgia, USA)Not available
Chicago (Illinois, USA)Available
Dallas (Texas, USA)Not available
Frankfurt (Germany)Not available
Fremont (California, USA)Not available
London (United Kingdom)Not available
Mumbai (India)Not available
Newark (New Jersey, USA)Not available
Paris (France)Available
SingaporeNot available
Sydney (Australia)Not available
Tokyo (Japan)Not available
Toronto (Canada)Not available
Washington, DC (USA)Available

Plans and Pricing

ResourceAvailable Plans
vCPU cores2-64 cores
Memory4 GB - 512 GB
Storage80 GB - 7,200 GB
Outbound Network Transfer4 TB - 12 TB
Outbound Network Bandwidth4 Gbps - 12 Gbps

Pricing starts at $43 for a Premium Compute Instance with 2 vCPU cores, 4GB memory, and 80GB SSD storage. Review the Pricing page for additional plans and their associated costs. Review the Compute Instance Plan Types page below to learn more about other instance types.

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