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SMBs and the Cloud: Addressing Migration, Complexity, and Choice

SMBs and the Cloud: Addressing Cloud Migration, Complexity, and Choice

Migrating to the cloud can be a massive undertaking for any organization, but it can be particularly difficult for small- and medium-sized businesses. According to Nicole Henderson, research analyst at 451 Research, one of the biggest cloud migration challenges these businesses face is understanding all of the available options in the cloud market and choosing the “best execution and venue for their workloads and applications.”

Tight budgets are another factor that complicates cloud selection. Unlike large corporations that can afford most features on their wish list, SMBs have to be cost-conscious when choosing a provider. And it’s not just the initial price tag that SMBs have to consider—finding a provider that can help manage ongoing costs and guarantee transparency and predictability in pricing also is critical. 

Moving to the cloud can be frustrating without the right skills. Readily available support is critical for IT lean small- and medium-sized businesses. That’s why one-third of companies in this sector look to a managed cloud service provider to support them during migration and assist in continuous cloud management, according to Henderson. 

Even with these strategic criteria, there’s still a wide variety of providers and toolsets available. While the largest cloud providers offer broad portfolios, the options can be overwhelming and the costs complex. Alternative cloud providers provide a simpler, more affordable, and more supportive choice that is often a better fit for smaller organizations’ budgets and workloads. 

In this video, Henderson shares her recommendation for small and medium-sized businesses choosing a cloud provider: “The right partner can make or break an SMB’s cloud investment—you have to do your research.”

This post is part of our “The Alternative Cloud: Analyst Corner” video series, produced in partnership with 451 Research, featuring practical advice from industry-leading cloud experts on today’s best cloud strategies.


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