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What You Missed at SCaLE 19x

What You Missed at SCaLE 19x

I recently went to SCaLE 19x and wanted to share my experiences along with some interviews from the conference.

My first day got underway by meeting my Linode colleagues and fellow Linode Developer Advocate Jay LaCroix from We coordinated our cameras and audio gear. Shooting at a conference is always challenging with the expo hall noise and the added challenge of COVID-19 masks.

If you’re wondering what gear we bring to capture content at these events, I bought these RODE GO II microphones that have excellent noise rejection, allowing us to do interviews from the expo floor without sounding too awful. I also used the DJI Ronin SC2 with my Panasonic Lumix G85 camera. On our first day, Jay and I collected a ton of b-roll footage for videos you’ll find below and others.

On Day 2, I made my way to my first session, “State of Open Source in Government” by Amanda Brock, who fell in love with open source as general counsel for Canonical for five years. She’s now the CEO of OpenUK, an organization that advocates for open tech in the UK. The talk should be published on the SCaLE 19x YouTube channel, but here are some takeaways.

  • Open source contributed more than $8 billion to the UK economy in 2019.
  • Open source software helped the UK government deal with COVID-19 challenges, helping to resolve interoperability issues. 
  • More stewardship is needed to build critical infrastructure on a FOSS base.
  • Further action from the FOSS community is necessary to ensure that open source software is the “default” in governments worldwide. 
  • And with news stories published daily about the loss of privacy, secure and open source apps should be the only way forward.

We then filmed a fun “rapid fire tech questions” YouTube Short.

After more interviews and additional b-roll, I got invited to dinner with the System76 and TuxDigital crews. I met Michael Tunnell, Jill Bryant Ryniker, and Ryan Dasgeek. It was so awesome to meet everyone, and stay tuned for some awesome content we’ll be doing together!

The next day, Jay and I went all-in on interviews. We walked around the expo floor, talking to many interesting people. I’ve got four interviews on my YouTube channel in the next few weeks, but I’ve also got even more on Linode’s YouTube channel. Get subscribed, so you don’t miss my interview with the CEO of Nextcloud, Frank Karlitschek. You should also check out the Nextcloud one click app in the Linode Marketplace.

On the last day of SCaLE 19x, I filmed a video below where Jay and I discuss our experiences at SCaLE together. 

​I had so much fun at SCaLE 19x, and I’m so thankful to Linode for sending me out to the event. I not only got to film tons of cool content for everyone, but I also got to see old friends and make new ones. Hope to see you down the road at a future SCaLE or another event!


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