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Breaking Down Walls for a Multicloud Future

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Commoditization is forcing the cloud’s biggest players to do what was once unthinkable: share customers. After a decade of peddling closed cloud ecosystems, providers see the writing on the wall: the future is multicloud. Now, they’re breaking down their walls, giving customers more free reign and even building bridges to connect to rivals’ clouds

But Gartner analyst Ed Anderson explains that cloud customers want more than empty promises that vendors will actually play nice together. “Customers are suspicious of rhetoric,” he says, adding that users are growing cautious of marketing fluff on multicloud capabilities. 

It’s about cloud infrastructure workloads, and creating the best fit. Cloud suppliers of course want one size to fit all, but while that runs a great on PowerPoint/Google Slides/Keynote, it’s not the way the real world works. 

Crawford Del Prete, President, International Data Corporation (@Craw)

For a truly flexible, open, and vendor-agnostic world of cloud, cloud’s key players will need to do more than talk the talk—they’ll need to walk the walk by making interoperability happen. 

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