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BlogLinodeIntroducing Linode Green Light (Beta Program)

Introducing Linode Green Light (Beta Program)

Introducing Linode Green Light - beta program logo image

Today, we are pleased to introduce Linode Green Light, a beta testing program that offers Linode customers an opportunity to play an active role in influencing and testing our latest cloud innovations. Last year we launched several new products and data center regions, and so far in 2020, we have kept pace with new solutions and upcoming roadmap announcements. The Green Light program formalizes your input and helps deliver the infrastructure you need to scale your modern applications.

The Green Light Mission
Linode Green Light is an active group of developers who take pride in being the first to test new products and share knowledge with the Linode community. As a member, you provide vital feedback, find bugs, and break things along the way.

Membership & Benefits

  • Make Your Voice Heard. Be the first to use new products and features, and share your knowledge with the Linode Community.
  • Peek Inside the Roadmap. You will learn before anyone else when we add new products to our roadmap, and we will ask you for input that helps prioritize features and releases.
  • Connect on Slack. Join an exclusive Slack channel with Linode product support teams for real-time Q&A and to network with other beta testers.
  • Exclusive Green Light Swag. At the end of each beta, you’ll complete a survey on your experience. As a thank-you, we’ll send an awesome box of limited edition swag.

Upcoming Betas

  • Private VLAN
  • Bare Metal Instances
  • MySQL Managed Database

Active Betas

Next Steps

Register for Green Light and select your beta products of interest. Closer to the beta start date, you will be contacted via email with relevant information and an invitation to the Slack Channel.

Interested in beta testing for business workloads? Read about Changelog’s experience during the Green Light  beta for Linode Kubernetes Engine.

Comments (4)

  1. Author Photo

    I was trying to submit the sign up form. It doesn’t seem to do anything right now when I fill it out and hit submit.

    Also, does every Linode account have a number? I am not sure how I can find my account number.

    • Author Photo

      We’ve had a few users run into this same issue. If you clear your cache or try resubmitting this through a private browser (like Incognito), it should go through.

      With regards to the account number, you can either input your Linode username or just leave that field blank – up to you!

      • Author Photo

        I too have the same issue. I tried resubmit in incognito mode but no luck. Can I manually register?

        • jdutton

          Hey Liew – we’ve made a change on our end. Could you try again without using incognito mode? If you still run into issues, you can also email [email protected] and provide the following info so that we can get you signed up:

          – Name
          – Email
          – Your Linode username
          – A list of programs you want to join: Bare Metal, Cloud Firewall, MySQL Managed Database, VLAN

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