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June 2021

New CentOS 8 alternatives, new Custom Images feature, and more

In the June edition of In the Node, we’re sharing new alternatives to CentOS 8 to support customers with the distro’s end-of-life scheduled for the end of this year, and letting you know that Custom Images are now in general availability. There are also some new show episodes on our YouTube channel, new Docs, and a new HackerSploit series on Docker security.
Featured Guides
Apache Kafka, often known simply as Kafka, is a popular open source platform for stream management and processing. Initially developed by LinkedIn, but now maintained by Apache Software Foundation, Kafka can be thought of as a re-implementation, or an evolution of a traditional database for a streaming world. Learn more about Kafka with this in-depth primer.
Express JS is a web application framework for Node.js that sits on top of Node.js and provides ready access to the features and tools you need to create web applications. It prevents you from having to reinvent the wheel while still giving you autonomy with how your web application takes shape. This tutorial provides the tools to start developing your first Express JS application.

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To ease the transition from CentOS 8 to a new distribution, we’ve recently added  Rocky Linux and Alma Linux to Linode. You can now select Rocky or Alma Linux when creating a new instance within Cloud Manager or using the API. Our complete list of supported distros are available here, and there’s a guide to help you choose the right one.
This month, Custom Images were released into general availability with a new drag-and-drop upload feature in Cloud Manager to quickly upload and deploy images across multiple instances. Try it now in Cloud Manager.
Open Source
What do developers want the most in 2022? Is it better documentation, real DevOps culture, perhaps fewer Zoom calls? Share your feedback in the Developer Nation survey for a chance to win new gear! All participants will receive a virtual goodie bag.
Kubernetes architecture allows you to easily survive various kinds of failures and always stay afloat. This article walks you through restoring a Kubernetes cluster and its certificates using kubeadm.
New on YouTube
Check out some of our latest YouTube uploads, make sure you’re subscribed to our channel for more tutorials and other content from developer advocates and guest experts.
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