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Introducing the Akamai Developer Discussion Forum


We’re thrilled to announce that the Akamai Developer Discussion Forum (“Discuss”) is launching today, and you’re invited to join at This new space is for those of you interested in learning, leveling up, and sharing your know-how.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll be part of a community growing a wealth of knowledge, tips, and tricks on topics like cloud computing, security, content delivery, and much more. 

This is a place to learn and share knowledge, regardless of your skill level, location, and familiarity with Akamai. The forum offers subscriptions that notify you of new posts on topics that you’re interested in, a Dev Tips section to post your own blogs and read blogs by others, an event calendar that community members can contribute to, badges and leaderboards to reward you for your contributions, and dedicated spaces for Green Light program members and partners.

Sign up early to join the sweepstakes (more information at the end of this post) and see the space we’ve created for developers like you.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll find.

Subscriptions & Notifications

The forum will allow you to subscribe to relevant content by offering tags and subscriptions that notify you of topics you’re interested in. Stay up-to-date on the latest news in your areas of interest and share your know-how with others.

Dev Tips

This brings us to the next feature: Dev Tips. Are you looking for a shortcut or solution to an issue that has you stumped? Your developer peers may have already shared an article that can help. You may have an idea for a great blog or just fixed a problem bugging you. Share your post to help out your peers. Plus, every time you share a tip, you’ll gain recognition in the community (especially by those who work at Akamai) and climb the leaderboard.

Event Calendar

Staying on top of all developer events in any given month can be a challenge. The developer forum helps you find relevant events and RSVP to them. You’ll also be able to see if others in the community will be there. Don’t see an event you’re attending? Add it directly and let others know about it—this is for virtual and in-person events. Are you planning on streaming? Embed the stream in your event post so that others can join you directly from the forum. Are you planning on speaking at an event or attending a conference? Post your event and connect with other developers online or on location.

Badges & Leaderboards

Helping others is rewarding in itself, but we now have a way to applaud you for your efforts. By contributing, you can earn badges and gain leaderboard points.

You earn some badges automatically, like when you like your first post.  The staff assigns other badges. Some badges can identify program members or give you additional valuable information. You can find fellow Green Light program members or discover other initiatives by reviewing the badges. Below is an example of a forum profile page. This developer is a Developer Champion and has the badge.

You can now click on the badge to learn more about it. The description below tells you that Developer Champions are Akamai employees dedicated to helping developers. You can trust community members with this badge to provide helpful articles and to be  able to help you.

Certain activities allow you to accrue “Cheers,” points used to update the community leaderboard. So the leaderboard is a good indicator of who in the community is a developer whiz. Click on the avatars of members with a high number of Cheers to learn more about them and see their latest posts. Who knows? Maybe you will make it to the top and be noticed by others. We always keep an eye on who’s the most active since we plan to launch an external Champion program (more information to come).

Green Light & Partner Spaces

The Green Light beta and Linode Partner programs have spaces in the forum. Green Light members can use the space to share feedback on the latest betas, and partners can interact with fellow Partner Program members. The Green Light and Partner Program spaces are open to anyone, so take a peek to see what these programs can offer you.

Sign-Up & Sweepstakes

Join us by signing up for an account! Besides meeting other developers, you’ll also get a chance to win prizes for participating in our community. We’re giving away up to $300 in Linode credit and Akamai Developer swag, so make sure to read the sweepstakes post.

Sign up for an account.


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