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Simple and Reliable MySQL Databases


Worry-free MySQL hosting so you can focus on building great apps.

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Deploy High-Performance MySQL Clusters

Simplify the deployment and maintenance of-highly available MySQL databases for your web applications.

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Simple and Fast Deployment

Deploy a production-ready database using the Linode Cloud Manager, API, or CLI.

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Secure Access

Add trusted sources to ensure your data is only accessed by specific IP addresses.

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Daily Backups Included

Backup of your data every 24 hours to easily restore the service and prevent data loss.

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Flexible Plans

Choose from Shared, Dedicated, and High Memory instances. Easily create and deploy new clusters as needed.


Technical Specifications

  • Plans supported: Dedicated CPU, Shared CPU
  • Database cluster size: 1 node or 3 nodes
  • Recommended cluster size: 3 nodes
  • Memory per node: 4GB - 512GB
  • SSD Storage: 50GB - 7200GB
  • Transfer per node: 4-20TB
  • Network In: 40 Gbps
  • Network Out: 2-12 Gbps
  • Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Administrative access with elevated user permissions
  • Access the database using command-line or desktop applications
  • Provision via Cloud Manager or Linode CLI
  • Programmatic management via Linode API
  • Deploy via Terraform Provider
  • Multi-queue NIC support
  • Availability: across all regions

Free Bundled Services

Complementary Paid Services

Recommended Workloads

  • High-traffic production applications
  • Applications that store critical data
  • Pro web and e-commerce sites
  • Dev teams lacking dedicated database engineers

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Introduction to Linode Managed Databases

  • Dedicated CPU
  • Shared CPU
Instance Type 1 Node 3 Nodes
Dedicated 4GB $65.00 $195.00
Dedicated 8GB $130.00 $390.00
Dedicated 16GB $260.00 $780.00
Dedicated 32GB $520.00 $1,560.00
Dedicated 64GB $1,040.00 $3,120.00
Dedicated 96GB $1,560.00 $4,680.00
Dedicated 128GB $2,080.00 $6,240.00
Dedicated 256GB $4,160.00 $12,480.00
Dedicated 512GB $8,320.00 $24,960.00
Instance Type 1 Node 3 Nodes
Linode 1GB $15.00 $35.00
Linode 2GB $30.00 $70.00
Linode 4GB $60.00 $140.00
Linode 8GB $120.00 $280.00
Linode 16GB $240.00 $560.00
Linode 32GB $480.00 $1,120.00
Linode 64GB $960.00 $2,240.00
Linode 96GB $1,440.00 $3,360.00
Linode 128GB $1,920.00 $4,480.00
Linode 192GB $2,880.00 $6,720.00

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